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If the name hasn't given it away already (Cornbread Fed), I pride myself on being a SOUTHERN girl. I was born, raised, and went to college in the south. Although I lived up north for 7 years, I now reside back in the south working for the Federal Government. 


Since a child, I’ve always loved writing.  I've expressed myself through poetry and songs since the age of 10.  I remember having a huge final project in high school where I had to be creative and I created my very own book of poetry. I would always write about my own experiences and try to imagine what others were going through and write to those experiences as a way to encourage.  As a result of some of my experiences as I became older and started "growing" through life, I developed an intimate relationship with God.  I've always known Who He was and been familiar with His Word but it wasn't until I started to battle my own issues that I realized the importance of WHAT He does.  When my biggest fear became a reality, being an unmarried mom of 2, it was then that I had my significant firsts of having moments that were beyond my control that I could do nothing about...EXCEPT simply have FAITH.  Through the trials of this journey, there's so much I've learned about Him and MYSELF!


The more I learned about Christ, I learned that it was important to TELL others about Him and give as many examples (biblical or real life) as I could to diminish this accepted facade to look and be perfect.  My desire was to instead bring women closer to Christ who perfects us. I then developed a love for sharing my life experiences with others. God told me to merge the two... my love for writing and my love for sharing my story. I am inspired by the positive influence it can have on readers and their perspective on life. My desire is never to force advice on anyone but only guide others by sharing experiences and lessons learned.  


As I am open and transparent through my blogs and public speaking, I can only hope that other imperfect women are prepared to allow me to reveal my human mistakes, some of which are my most vulnerable moments, as I strive to be better in Him. I am in no way the perfect example of the Woman you should strive to be but I am an example of a woman who has a heart for God and desires to get all that He has for me before it is too late!

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