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Worker’s Compensation

Updated: May 8, 2020

In my first blog of the year I talked about how 2020 is my year of EXECUTION. I mentioned that I spent the latter part of 2019 seeking God and PLANNING. I declared that it was now time to EXECUTE— me to execute the plan and God to execute His promise!


I have been making good on my end of the bargain. I have been executing The Seven Year Promise Labs, which are my interactive book signings. For those of you who do not follow me on social media (@biblicallyledcornbreadfed), let me explain these labs. So basically I wanted to find a way to provide an interactive experience of my book "The Seven Year Promise" at my book signings, rather than just doing the usual of reading and selling the book. I came up with the concept of The Seven Year Promise Lab (@thesevenyearpromiselab) because a lab is a place where you teach, research, and/or diagnose. Therefore, in my book signings I create an experience based on the eight devotional chapters in the book, which are all titled a different room. Based on the location and the audience of each book signing, I bring one to two rooms to life.


God has also been making good on His end of the bargain as well. Let me give you a timeline:

  • I started writing "The Seven Year Promise" in January/February 2019.

  • I sent the book to the publisher in October 2019.

  • I delivered pre-orders in November 2019.

  • So far in 2020, I have conducted 3 Seven Year Promise Labs, which are now on hold due to the global pandemic.

  • As of today, during the global pandemic, I am STILL selling copies of “The Seven Year Promise,” receiving testimonials almost daily, and going to the post office weekly.

Since I gave God my "yes", we’ve both (me and God) been busy executing! It seems as if my “yes” gave us the green light to take things up a notch— or should I say “level up”! God has been restoring everything, accelerating everything, and He's been giving me supernatural revelation and creativity. With every request to speak, every feature, every engagement, every event, it just seems that everything is coming into divine alignment with the plans and purpose God established for me before the beginning of time.

“I will restore the years that the locust has eaten.”

Joel 2:25

I never knew what restoring the years truly felt like until now. What I am realizing is God does this by multiplying your fruitfulness and the multiplication of my fruitfulness has been REAL!!! What I have accomplished and what has been resurrected in my life this last year is ahhhhhhh-mazing!!!! Moreover, I have seen God‘s unconditional love through this restoration process in the form of God showing me that whether I’ve done things that are my own fault or whether it is the enemy who has stolen from me, He is still the Restorer! So while I was busy working in my field and zoning in on the “Ruth” in me (read about it in my blog Hustle Like Ruth), God was busy preparing my recompense package.

Instead of shame and dishonor, you will enjoy a double share of honor. You will possess a double portion of prosperity in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.

Isaiah 61:7

The word recompense is the same word that we get worker’s compensation from. Worker’s compensation covers you if you get injured on the job, right? So when it comes to restoration, God is saying, “You’re working for Me. You got hurt in the service of the Lord. Therefore, I’m going to give you worker’s compensation, which happens to be double for your trouble.” With that in mind, in this season of restoration, I have been given recompense. He has both resurrected— given me back what I lost— and restored— given me more!!!!!! As if He has not done enough with my personal endeavors, on Monday, May 11, I will be reporting to my new job and going to the next level in my professional career. Thank God I’m coming out of this pandemic better than I went in— recompense! Keep declaring your #WorkersCompensation!

Happy Birthday to me (May 12th)!!


In January the Seven Year Promise Lab was in Huntsville, AL and two were in Jackson, MS (one for Jackson State University (JSU) students and another catering to adults).

Future planned locations are:

  • Washington, DC (June 2020)

  • Huntsville, AL (TBD)

  • Atlanta, GA (TBD)

  • Oxford, MS (TBD)

If you would like to sponsor The Seven Year Promise Lab in your city or for a church/ministry, organization, or group, we would love to come! Please reach out!

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